About DJ Mitch Fisk

So you’ve got a wedding (or special event) coming up and you are looking for a DJ to look after and entertain your guests for the finale to your big day.

Let me tell you a little about myself so you can see for yourself how ideally qualified I am to ensure the success of your function and most importantly so you can relax knowing all your guests are going to enjoy some great music and Dancing

I have been DJing since around 1975. Having started with the good old School Disco in the Gym at Shenfield School at Lunch times on Thursdays. I then progressed to Youth Clubs and finally got my break into earning some money when my Aunt who was a Matron at Hackney hospital asked me to do their Christmas Party. A 16 year old with all those nurses and a lot of wine….What could possibly go wrong! Well that’s another story that I’ll be pleased to tell you if you decide to book me .

Having got the taste for earning money for doing something I loved I eventually saved up enough to go out and buy my first set of decks and then slowly built the disco up. Since then year by year I have been lucky enough to have been kept very busy until I am now in a position where the work keeps coming in simply from people who’ve seen me at other functions and from venues who have seen and liked the way I work.

I am fanatical about music and have eclectic tastes. I get to as many concerts and festivals as I can and still go to Ibiza virtually every year (I call it Market Research but really its because I love Dance Music & the Atmosphere in Ibiza. 

Over the years I have taken pleasure in practicing and perfecting my skills to ensure the dance floor stays full all night. As with many trades & professions, of course it’s important to have the right tools for the job, but anyone can go out and buy disco equipment. What’s more important is having the skill and ability to use the equipment to its maximum potential. Communication is the key by constantly sensing the mood on the dance floor I can easily judge when the time is right to play more of a particular genre or to move on.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with me all you need to do is pick up the phone I will happily arrange a convenient time to meet with you to discuss your function and I will be pleased to offer free advice and guidance on how we can work together to ensure a fantastic night of dancing and partying

Contact DJ Mitch Fisk

Call Mitch on 01245 328136 or 07801252862

Or email him at mitch@dreamdisco.co.uk