Making your first dance count

Posted On: 24th September 2012

Traditionally the first dance signifies the beginning of the evening reception with the bride and grooms first dance as man and wife. It can also play a crucial part in determining the success of the evening reception from your DJ's perspective. Timing is critical, from experience the optimum duration for an evening reception is around four hours. So ideally I would always suggest to a bride and groom not to rush their first dance. Its far better to let everyone relax after the formality of the wedding breakfast and for evening guests to arrive and settle in. This way all your guests will be looking forward to the final official duty of the bride and groom and the commencement of the more relaxed party celebration. All your wedding suppliers will have their own priorities, many wedding photographers will be keen to gave the first dance as early as possible because their assignments finishes after the first dance. The venue may be keen to get the first dance under way so the buffet can be prepared. But remember this is YOUR DAY and everyone is there to make sure you have it your way.Have the first dance too early and you will find everyone may watch and then go back to the bar to enjoy a drink and chat with friends and familiy that only get together at weddings. Leave it to late and you may find they start dancing prior to the first dance. So my advice is play it by ear and when you feel the time is right give your DJ 5 minutes notice. He can then ensure everyone gets involved and invite your guests to watch your first dance. Your DJ then has them as a captive audience and you can guarantee a packed dancefloor for the subsequent tunes. Then its all down to the skill of the DJ to read the floor and make sure the right tunes keeps everyone there. Mitch Fisk - Dream Machine Mobile Disco


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